About Us

About Us

One of the most exciting journeys you can undertake can happen without leaving the house.

The dream, the plans, the melting pot of ideas and the delivery of a concept as an interior transforms from a functional house into a home that expresses your personality from every surface.

The house is the journey.

This process is not just a matter of making a house beautiful. It’s about building and creating an environment that communicates your character and taste to other people. But equally important is the necessity that the space also becomes a living environment that speaks to you and affirms who you are.

Interior design is not just about the transformation of a physical building. Part of the process of you becoming the person you aspire to be is about living in an environment that reminds you on a daily basis of who you really are.

When every aspect of your living space aligns to confirm your core narrative then the house becomes the physical embodiment of a dream that you can physically step into.

Your character, your personality, your dreams are a beam of light and when this shines through lens of a designer’s eye. it focuses into something beautiful and tangible.

Because each and every client is an individual, the collaborative combination of the client’s personality and the designer’s vision produces something that is unique to each and every project

But it goes beyond just the eye and anaesthetics because interior design is about creating an experience across all the senses. It’s about the tactile feel of every texture; it’s about how light plays within the interior; it’s about how each and every surface reflects or absorbs sound.

It is interior sensory sculpture shaped around you.

Design is our passion and translating each client’s personal story into a living environment brings rewarding satisfaction to both client and designer.

Moderno Interiors are as excited about discovering the journey your home will take as you are, so contact us now for no-obligation consultation and discover how brightly your light can shine.

Kajal Patel

Head Interior Designer,
Founder of MODERNO Interiors