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Cheers! MODERNO (Bar design)

Whether you are planning a night out or want to add a bit of a WOW factor to it? Why not create your own party place on your own doorstep?
Here in a luxury high end residential home “origami” inspired bar was created for family that entertains family and friends frequently. Located in their large basement, brings bit of central London into suburbs of North London. An 8metre long, resin material bar-front adorns this luxurious space with impeccable attention to detail.

20 LW-74

What a dream job this was to create this ultimate luxury.

MODERNO loves creating S P A C E in Interiors

We have abundance of natural light and we should embrace this in our home to create space and connection with the natural surroundings. This brings calmness and with artificial lighting can bring balance to what could be ‘dull’ interiors.

20 LW-112

Low level lighting tends to draw in spaces, creating more intimate space, whereas contrast bright lights and spotlights help increase space. Adding dimmable fixtures allows one to control their moods in their surroundings.

Can also create space by adding mirrors, lighter palette of colours tend to open room up whereas darker palette tends to draw room in.

Placing of furniture plays crucial role in space as each piece should ‘earn’ its place. Identify what the space is used for, focal point, traffic flow allowing you to move around furniture without ‘bumping ‘into them.
Although bespoke furniture can be expensive it utilizes what could be ‘dead’ space allowing maximum use of space. Shelving, built-in cupboards, niches all add extra storage to help declutter room and add depth to the room.


Credit to MODERNO Interiors


Credit to Mark Taylor Design & MODERNO Interiors

MODERNO love for that perfect WARDROBE

Whether you want walk-in, built in or freestanding wardrobe, key to successfully designing this space for clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewellery …. is to understand your needs and how you want the space to be utilized maximally for your belts, shirts, trousers, suits, skirts, shoes….

20 LW-188

Credit to FCI & MODERNO Interiors

What kind of person are you are you tidy/ need somewhere where you can throw your clothes? and close those doors? You can have combination of walk-in and closed doors allowing you to be flexible and more importantly comfortable with your lifestyle and the way you live.


Dressing table area can be incorporated within walk-in wardrobe design to allow maximum use space. Lighting plays a significant role hence needs more thought as you scoundrel through your collection of items they should be seen with ease.


Mix sensor lights combined with led under shelving and drawers.
Led down lighters add extra illumination in the room. One of the main reasons why I find people choose walk-in wardrobe is that they want their items to be visible and easily accessible. Organization I feel strongly is the key to successful wardrobe design.



The living room is probably one of the most used room in our homes that serves the widest range of purposes. From casual day-to-day lounging, welcoming visitors, place to sit back and read your favorite book or watch movies, to hosting formal/ informal gatherings, hence the living room must lend itself to a wide variety of moods and emotions.

Credit to SAOTA Architects

TRENDS for 2016

An entire generation is turning towards a greener, cleaner and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Understated palettes that will be key in 2016 will feature varying shades of sophisticated and luxury greys and taupe’s, light and dark wood, black and white drawn together with metallic.’
Key thing designers are now looking at is how to work this eco-material into more modern designs that take advantage of the materials versatility.
Expect to see rattan across furniture, lighting and accessories with a range of interesting 3D shapes from astonishing curves to modern angular forms.

Create a perfect ENTRANCE

The entrance to your home is considered the “Mouth of Chi” in Feng Shu. It is the first place you step into your home. Hence it should have positive significance. Simple elements like light, clutter free and colour can have a huge impact on your connection with our home. As you step through the front door you should have sense of order giving off positive vibe and calmness. Everything you feel and live is tied in this space bringing comfort and security as you enter.
Clutter free space helps keep us organized and let’s our energy flow more fluidly.
Your home is a form of ‘art gallery’ of how you live.

When designing Linksway I felt clean, open entrance with artwork placed minimalistically, resembling street art layout brings in character.



Use of different textures, materials from metallic, concrete, to luxurious fabrics adds depth and drama to what could be dull interiors. Use of texture when planning an interior scheme is an element that is often overlooked and underused.
At MODERNO we strive on individuality, luxurious and warmth when designing spaces for our private clients. Merging different elements cleverly, creates for me a “unique” design.

Although it may seem relatively straightforward to coordinate various textures and patterns to create a luxurious interior, the fact remains that using the services of a professional and reputable interior designer will ensure the effortless precision in achieving your desired look and feel of space.


STYLING interior spaces

This is fundamental in design as it brings everything together.
On my travel to Goa, India I fell in love with this 6ft, tall Buddha that drew me towards it with its elegance and aura. Made from one slab of Makrana marble (same marble as Taj Mahal is made of) was most definitely the centre piece for me for my design for Linksway. This beautiful finding is visible form each and every room from the moment the blinds go up to lounging in the serene landscaped gardens.

While 2015 was the year copper became ‘the metal of the moment’, I envisage that brass and gold will take over as our preferential metallic. Golds and brass warm up a space and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room and using a few well-chosen pieces as accents you can create a glamorous and affluent look. I love using metallic materials to add glamour to modern interiors. Another major trend is connecting natural materials such as wood, stone, cork, metals with softer, natural fibers, organic shapes, hand-crafted accessories and handwoven textiles.

M…mmmm Restaurants

ZUMA is located in the Dubai international financial centre at the heart of the city and in the vicinity of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. following the Japanese Izakaya style of dining.



It’s classy, contemporary interiors draws UAE’s most affluent residents and visitors.
Designed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Tokyo design – Studio Glitt he created by using natural and commonplace materials in their pure form. The worn look here creates a more natural and inviting atmosphere.
The ambience created gives sense of openness and flowing space with galleried views overlooking into main dining area. Created in mind to touch our senses and allowing us to experience his thoughts through clever design.

Dive in – Swimming pool

Perhaps you are looking for a relaxation pool, place to to unwind after a long, hard day. Soft curving lines, adjoining spa pools and calm decor all helps create the perfect essence of environment to relax and ‘slip’ away. Or use it to keep fit allowing you to combine fitness and relaxation together.


If money is no object you can maximize space by installing ultimate luxury – hydraulic floor swimming pools allowing you to use space dual purpose from everyday swimming to entertaining/ living space. The floor is lowered and fill to reveal a stunning swimming pool or rise and empty to create solid, dry floor space (see picture below).


Hydraulic floor system under swimming pool (sectional view):